Signing up for Classes

Please use the following steps to sign up for classes:

  1. Download the Yoga Buddy App on your phone

  2. Create a Student Login

  3. Allow the app to use your location while using the app

  4. Click on Outdoor Classes and then click on the number on the map

  5. Click on the icon at the Orange Hill location

  6. Choose how you would like to pay (cash only for now)

  7. Click "sign up"

  8. Once the teacher accepts you into the class and verifies they have space, it will show up as approved under "outbound requests" on your page. 

*We are currently expanding the functionality of the app; however, for the first week or two, sign up for morning classes will open at 9pm the night before.  Sign up for evening classes will open at 2pm the day of.

**Space is very limited due to physical distancing so please be sure you can attend class if you sign up.  If for any reason you’re not able to attend class, please use the app to cancel.

If you have any questions about signing up for classes, please send a WhatApp to 1.419.377.8155.




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